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Frequently Asked Questions

What peripherals do I need to setup the Manda Miner for the first time ?

The Manda Miner ships with a DVI-D video connection.  A DVI converter will be required if connecting to another digital format, such as HDMI.  Additionally, a USB mouse and keyboard will be needed for configuration input.

What should I know before setting up my new Manda Miner?

Adequate power, cooling, and air flow is needed for reliable operation for the Manda Miner.

What is the warranty policy for the Manda Miner?

Manda Miner hardware product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six months from the original manufacturer date.

What procedure do I follow to set up my new Manda Miner?

  1. Plug in the Manda Miner using the provided 110v power cable
  2. Connect a monitor to the front DVI port
  3. Connect a keyboard to the front USB port
  4. Connect an ethernet cable to a DHCP enabled network
  5. Press the power button in front
  6. At first boot, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to mine Ethereum or ZCash, the mining pool address to use, and the address of your Ethereum or ZCash wallet
  7. After configuration, you’ll be prompted to reboot for the configuration to take effect
  8. On reboot, the Manda Miner will begin mining with the new configuration

What is the best setup location for me to put my Manda Miner?

Operate the Manda Miner in a environmentally friendly are and on an electrical circuit that isn’t used.  The Manda Miner consumes 10A of power and the typical circuit at home or office is 15A.  That means the Manda Miner will consume most of the Amperage on any given circuit so less than 5A can be plugged into the same circuit.

Where can I find the serial number for my Manda Miner?

Our factory places a sticker on the right side of the outside chassis.  If in a rack, pull the system out a few inches so the serial number can be viewed on the right side of the chassis.

What do I need to do to have my system run on 240v circuits?

The power supply is auto sensing but a cable for usage on your 240V circuit will be needed.  The power supply uses a C20 connector. A C19-C14 power cord is required to connect to a PDU with C13 outlets.  To connect to a standard 120V NEMA 5-15 plug, connect a standard NEMA 5-15P-C13 power cord to the C19-C14 power cord.

What should I do if the Manda Miner does not power up?

Please check what else is already on the circuit the Manda Miner is plugged into.  The Manda Miner takes 10A and most home or office circuits are 15A.  If there is already too much plugged into the same circuit the Manda Miner will not power up.  Unplug other devices on the circuit or find a circuit location where there is at least 10A of power.

I’d like to install my Manda Miner into a rack, what do I need to do?

We provide an accessary kit when you purchase your Manda Miner to install into a rack.  Hole placement is standard and can use industry standard rack accessories.

What other cryptocurrencies does the Manda miner support?

At this time, we support and have tested both Ethereum and ZCash.  If the owner wishes to repurpose the system for other use and elects to do the work on their own, they can do that.  We provide factory support for tested cryptocurrencies and right now they are Ethereum and ZCash.

Can I run Windows OS on the Manda Miner?

We have not tested this configuration but if the owner chooses to try other software configurations, they can do that at their own risk.

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